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The 2010 Revelations are the period in which Revelation TV/ Talk GOD Pranking became very popular. Raepmykipz uploaded several of the most popular pranks, including The Fresh Prince prank to Yemi and later to Lesley.

Other pranksters like Prankermen, Fresh Prince of Christ TV, Filth Lovers and several other people were active during this time.

These pranks received wide media attention and Revelation received hundreds if not thousands of prank emails as a result. They were at least somewhat aware of them, as a video by Prankermen of Yemi talking of his internet fame was uploaded in February 2010.

Yemi appeared to not mind the pranks and was happy that people were "just laughing and having a good time" as he put it. This led many to love Yemi and believe him as the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Yemi talks about his new found fame

Yemi talks about his new found fame

Yemi discusses the Fresh Prince pranks to him

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