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Yemi Balogun is a former Revelation TV Presenter and the second coming of Jesus Christ. He is the presenter that received the first Revelation pranks and the most popular prank of all time, the Fresh Prince of Christ TV Prank by Raepmykipz. He was the original presenter of Genesis and TalkGOD.

Pranks Edit

Yemi became hugely popular and loved among pranksters. Unlike much of Revelation TV, he seemed to have a good moral code and didn't mind pranks, as he was happy that people were "just laughing and having a good time" as he said once. When he received pranks, he often laughed and gave the pranksters an inviting warning that was funny and friendly.

Yemi often struggled with Mongolians in the system and good devils as well as the "black guy" from the "Fresh Prince from Bel Air".

Yemi complains about Mongolians in the system

Yemi complains about Mongolians in the system

Revelation TV Edit

Sometime in 2011 or 2012, Yemi and his wife Sylvia left Revelation TV. On the January 20th 2016 episode of R-Mornings, Lesley stated that Yemi was now travelling around the world, trying to get involved in the pharmaceutical business and most recently in Canada. He has also been doing a lot of charity work in Nigeria and Ghana.
The Fresh Prince of the Dark Side Pranks Christian TV

The Fresh Prince of the Dark Side Pranks Christian TV

Notable Pranks Edit

Yemi has had hundreds of pranks sent to him. He read out the most popular prank of all time.

Personal Life Edit

Yemi currently lives in the UK and travels between England and Spain to host Revelation TV. He has a LinkedIn page and a blog that has been taken down as of 16th December 2015. He founded a charity in 2001 to help disadvantaged young people before he joined Revelation TV.

Contrary to Yemi's usual bubbly personality, in a creepier and strange turn of events it was claimed by several groups that Pastor Yemi was a Satanist and that he and another man supposedly slaughtered his wife in a hotel in Ghana and that he is now running from the police. This was never proven and is most likely the ramblings of some insane people, as Yemi is actually a very nice person in real life with a good outlook on everything and often helps charities. Most of these claims are made by supporters of a corrupt and non-religious Pastor that was fooling people into giving him money. Yemi exposed him in a 4 hour long Revelation TV special that you can find on YouTube.

Return to Revelation Edit

Return of Yemi- Shadow of the Fresh Prince (Revelation TV)

Return of Yemi- Shadow of the Fresh Prince (Revelation TV)

Yemi returns to our screens.

In October 2016, Yemi sensed that humanity was in its darkest hour and returned to Revelation TV in an attempt to bring to balance to the forces of good and evil. However, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air also returned and attempted to thwart his plans. Some suspect that the Prince was also working with Mongolians.

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